# Retype Translations

This repository contains the translation files of all system strings for Retype.

See the /src folder of this repository for the source translation files.

Please submit a Pull Request with a revision or a new .resx file to add a new language.

Accepted changes will be included in the next release of Retype.

View this page online.

# The <value> node

The following sample from the French translation file is a typical <data> node:

  <data name="Alert_Caution_Title" xml:space="preserve">

Only the <value> nodes contain the strings to be translated.

The name attribute is the key used to reference the string with the Retype app.

The <comment> node is the English translation of the string and is used to understand the context.

# Visual Studio

Directly editing the .resx XML files can be aggrevating, so we recommend using Visual Studio Code and installing one of the RESX editor extensions. The extensions will automatically convert the file into a table that is easy to review and edit.

Any text editor will work or editing directly within GitHub is fine too.

Code Language Native name
ar Arabic العربية
da Danish Dansk
de German Deutsch
en default English English
es Spanish Español
fi Finnish Suomalainen
fr French Français
hi Hindi हिन्दी
hu Hungarian Magyar
hy as of v3.1 Armenian (Hayeren) Հայերեն
it Italian Italiano
ja Japanese 日本語
kn as of v3.1 Kannada ಕನ್ನಡ
ko Korean 한국어
nl Dutch Nederlands
no Norwegian Norsk
pt Portuguese Português
pt-BR Brazilian Portuguese Portuguese do Brasil
ro Romanian Română
ru Russian Русский
sa as of v3.1 Sankrit (Saṁskṛtam) संस्कृतम्
sv Swedish Svenska
ta Tamil தமிழ்
te as of v3.1 Telugu తెలుగు
th Thai ไทย
tr Turkish Türkçe
vi Vietnamese Tiếng Việt
zh Chinese 中文

# Support

For technical support questions, it is best to start a new Issue and we will investigate right away.

Do you have a general inquiry? Please feel free to contact us at hello@retype.com.